Va Web Creative is a full featured ASP.NET shopping cart and ecommerce component. This product provides a complete ecommerce solution for ASP.NET, enabling you to create a full featured store for your online presence and customize it quickly and easily to meet your diverse requirements

Va Web Creative, as part of the .netECOMMERCE bundle, saves developers time so they can wow their clients. Imagine delivering an ecommerce implementation that exceeds your client’s expectations, on time and under budget. Va Infotech is a feature rich and mature ecommerce toolkit which can scale up as your store grows with no additional licensing costs.

Building on over a decade of industry experience and real world client suggestions from commercial ecommerce solutions deployed, Va Web Creative provides the tools you need to meet the ever changing demands of the ecommerce marketplace. Va Web Creative provides both a clean development environment for you, and an intuitive shopping experience for your customers.

Most dynamic Web applications are created for the sole purpose of making money on the Web.

Let’s face it: why would you go through all the work of creating a dynamic Web application if you don’t plan to make money through it? Sure, companies employ dynamic intranet sites and there are still some — although very few — free Web applications you can use.

In the real world, however, dynamic Web applications are created in an attempt to make money by allowing site owners to sell merchandise on the Web. Providing users with the capability to add items to a virtual shopping cart as they browse through your Website is still very much a business that commands good money. Companies such as VeriSign, Paypal, WebAssist, and LinkPoint charge to provide developers with the capability to add shopping cart functionality to their own Websites. But why pay $300-$400 for a solution that someone else already built, when you can build one just as easily yourself utilizing new technology in ASP.NET, for free?

This article will allow you to develop and implement your own shopping cart utilizing a Session, a DataGrid, and the DataTable class of the DataSet object. Through this article, you’ll learn to:

  • Build a user interface using ASP.NET Web Server Controls
  • Dynamically construct a DataTable depending on user interaction
  • Bind the dynamically constructed DataTable to a DataGrid
  • Allow the user to remove items from the cart freely
  • Keep a running cost total of items within the cart