Real Estate Solution

Our Real Estate website software provides different search options with various property operations. Administrator can choose types of real estate operations that will be available on the site.

Along with Quick Search option, your site visitors will be able to use Advanced Search form specifying detailed property criteria. Search results can be sorted by means of different parameters.

Refine Search option – adds search box on the left side of search results page to refine search criteria.

Site users can save advanced search criteria and load them next time they are browsing for properties. There is also a possibility to set Search Preferences for Quick Search form that will be inserted into Quick Search form fields automatically each time when quick search form is displayed on the page.

New Search Options – search by Zip Code and Radius Search. Now it is possible to search for property by zip code with the possibility to specify radius within which search should be performed. Currently zip codes for the USA and Canada are available.

Site members can search for a listing by its id; such search option can be enabled/disabled from administrator’s panel.

Search by keywords is another search option of our real estate script that allows to search by keywords from listing description, headline, comments, loaded files, location and listing owner’s info.

‘Variants matching my criteria’ is a search option that allows to search using your listing’s criteria: you choose one of your listings and get results on its criteria

Site members can subscribe to RSS Feed and receive RSS news on newly added listings that match criteria they specify: property type, type of property operation and location.

Property description

Property description is made up by a wide list of characteristics that can be broadened or limited via administrator’s panel.

Photos and videos can be added to a listing. It is possible to set the order of photos display, choose the one that will be displayed as default and add comments to each photo. Photos are displayed with your site’s watermark (either your logo or some text on your choice) that prevents stealing your site listings content.

Virtual Tour feature allows creating panoramic tours of the property composed of panoramic images. Listings with linked virtual tours receive as much as 40% more views than those without virtual tours!

It is now possible to upload Virtual Tours in SWF file format, not just panoramic images.

Each listing has a printable version, ‘send to a friend’ option and an option to add a listing to a comparison list. Rental listings include internal calendar that displays booked and available days.

Posting a listing can be paid or free. If you decide to charge site members for posting listings, it is possible to charge them for membership in a paid group to be able to post listings or charge site members for each listing or a certain number of listings for sale/lease. If you enable option to charge members for posting listings for sale and for lease, you can enter a number of free trial listings and period of activity for a listing.

Site notifications

Our real estate script provides a wide list of site notifications for both site members and site administrator. There are 25 types of notifications for site members to be in the course of their account status on the site and listings alerts.

Administrator has full access to site notifications management. All site notifications are sent in text format and can be previewed or modified in administrator’s panel. Notifications are multilingual so administrator may have different texts for notifications of each site language version.