Va Web Creative WCM provides Web content management capabilities that allow leading organizations to respond quickly to changing business requirements for online communications, global Web sites, partner extranets, corporate intranets and brand management.

Va Web Creative WCM has been designed for business users to easily create and publish content. Author once, publish many, with design templates and inherited content, while allowing for author and publish of local content.

Business users to become empowered to share information quickly and efficiently, in a managed and controlled way through the use of workflow process support and access controls.

Simple, Intuitive Web Publishing

  • In-context, drag-and-drop page design
  • In-context content authoring
  • In-context digital asset editing
  • Keyboard shortcuts for native application feel within a browser client

Simple Content Contribution

  • CIFS and WebDAV interfaces for drag-and-drop easy
  • Freedom of choice: language, look, desktop tools (e.g. MS Word)
  • Embed and integrate tables/charts from desktop tools
  • Secure offline edit and authoring

Federated, Social Search

  • Search all content assets – from documents, to web pages, to digital assets, and more
  • Search all content repositories – from CRX to Sharepoint to Documentum
  • Out-of-the-box search result summaries
  • Out-of-the-box related search suggestions
  • Out-of-the box faceted search results navigation
  • Automatic ranking improvement based on end-user search selections
  • Available within both CQ WCM authoring environment and any run-time website

Simple, Social Tagging and Taxonomy Management

  • Simple tag creation
  • Simple tag assignment from an approved library of terms
  • Tag utilization tracking
  • Drag-and-drop addition of suggested tags to corporate taxonomy

Business User Drag-and-Drop Page Component Library

  • Text, image, and teaser components
  • Dynamic lists
  • Flash and Slideshow components
  • Tables and charts
  • Search and site maps
  • Multi-column layout controls
  • Online form builder components
  • Clickstream cloud component
  • Google gadget support – leverage over 40,000 pre-built gadgets

Creative Site and Page Design within Corporate Standards

  • Page templates by site and site section
  • Fine-grained control over available page components
  • CSS-driven
  • Full design inheritance

Support for Any Editorial Process

  • Integrated BPM engine for simple to advanced workflow
  • Business user-oriented visual drag-and-drop workflow designer
  • Out-of-the-box support for task notification, delegation, and escalation

Content Analytics

  • In-context reporting on site visit traffic available to all business users
  • Keyword effectiveness tracking
  • Integration with 3rd party analytics vendors such as Google

Content Targeting and Targeting Rule Simulation

  • Content targeting based on user profile and clickstream behavior
  • Easy, intuitive rule creation via tagging
  • In-context user click-stream simulation for testing targeting effectiveness

Support for Web 2.0 Sites

  • Client-side Javascript support for building dynamic, interactive sites
  • Actionscript support for RIAs
  • Run-time user registration and profile management
  • Run-time user generated content, commenting, and tagging support