PPC Setup and Marketing

Targeted and cost effective PPC solutions help you to solicit more business. Thus, you will be able to significantly improve your ROI and build your brand online.
With the help of effective PPC campaign management from Va Infotech., you are assured of quality and relevant traffic from your PPC ads that readily convert to sales.

Our PPC management methodology is effectively structured to help our clients to achieve their SEM goals.


It is possible for nearly anyone to set up a basic PPC campaign, but the problems arise when it comes to managing it successfully. Successful management in turn depends upon the set up and suitable foundation of the PPC campaign, since a proper set up of the PPC campaign is a sure precursor to success.

With a right PPC structure in place, your PPC campaign is effective and easy to manage at the same time. A successfully setup of the PPC campaign can easily reflect the changes happening in the dynamic and constantly changing online marketing world. Va Infotech. is a pioneering and successful PPC management company in India providing services for companies and business on a worldwide basis.

Our Expertise

Va Web Creative. is a versatile PPC management company in India with considerable expertise in setting up and managing PPC campaigns for a wide range of organizations and online businesses. We will set up an intelligent and highly structured PPC campaign to make it effective and easy to manage. With a properly designed PPC campaign, we will assist you in getting far ahead of your competitors. With information about the keywords, which you want to use and the information about the target audience you are trying to connect with, we will do the necessary research about your brand and competition to ensure maximum exposure for your PPC advertisements.

With the requisite expertise and knowledge about online advertising, Va Infotech. will help you get the maximum returns for your advertising dollars. With extensive experience in designing and implementing effective PPC strategies for major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN, we will ensure that your website gets the maximum ROI and better CTR along with improved conversion ratios.

Our Professional Services

As an expert PPC Management Company in India, Va Infotech. provides a range of professional services for PPC setup and management for you. With extensive experience in designing and implementing PPC campaigns for all major search engines like Google, MSN, and Yahoo, we will ensure that your website gets the maximum ROI and better CTRs. To achieve these, we will implement the following steps:

Keyword Research:
We will carefully select keywords based on what your prospective customers are actually searching for on the Internet.

Keyword Research:
We will carefully select keywords based on what your prospective customers are actually searching for on the Internet.

Creation of PPC advertisements:
After selecting keywords that have the capacity to drive qualified traffic, we will create keyword centric adverts that accurately represent your products and services to drive traffic to your website and guarantee sales.

Tweaking PPC ads:
Once the ads are online, they will be regularly tweaked to improve their performance. This includes altering or removing keywords that do not perform, and monitoring bid amounts to increase or decrease them inline with the trends.

Landing Page Evaluation:
This step entails careful analysis of the various paths that the visitors take to enter or exit your site. Depending upon the action the visitors take, we will evaluate your landing page or suggest changes. This will ensure that visitors stick to your site and translate their visits to conversions.

Conversion Analysis:
At this stage, we will monitor how many visits to your site from the PPC ads convert to sales or a positive action such as signing up for a newsletter or obtaining a discount coupon.

PPC Campaign Monitoring:
Here we will regularly monitor your PPC campaign to keep a track of keywords and PPC ads that drive traffic. Also, we will monitor for suspicious clicks to avoid click fraud. In this manner, we will keep our activities limited to your PPC budgetary constraints.

PPC Campaign Reporting:
We will keep you closely informed about how your PPC campaign is performing. Your report will also include information like cost per conversion and total campaign costs. In this manner, you can keep a close watch on how your campaign is performing.