e-Dialog, the proven provider of advanced e-mail marketing services and solutions, today announced the availability of Precision Central version 7.0, a suite of integrated, Web-based e-mail campaign management, analysis, segmentation, data integration and reporting tools. The new solution is designed to help enterprise marketers efficiently optimize e-mail campaigns and maximize revenues. New application features include a sophisticated testing tool, enhanced content management capabilities for easing complex custom publishing, a graphical dashboard for monitoring and reporting campaign engagement metrics, and a flexible user management tool particularly useful in multi-user production environments.

“With 82 percent of direct marketers expecting e-mail marketing’s effectiveness to increase over the next three years1 it is critical that they have the tools to efficiently meet those expectations especially given the pressures of the current economic climate,” said John Rizzi, chief executive officer of e-Dialog. “For example, some of the key areas where marketers face challenges to making their programs more productive and efficient are in testing and content management. The new capabilities of our platform will help them address those challenges without putting additional burdens on their resources.”

Precision Central 7.0 is available immediately to all of e-Dialog’s clients and is supported by one of the largest global professional services organization in the industry. Highlights include:

Quick Test – A powerful testing tool that allows marketers to optimize marketing campaigns by testing any element within an e-mail, such as messaging, creative, and/or offer, and quickly and easily deploy the winning campaign to the remainder of the audience.
Grid Publisher – Transforming the way content assets are organized, Grid Publisher enables marketers to manage large-scale, dynamically published e-mail campaigns with many variable content assets, resulting in sending more relevant e-mails with less effort.

Upgrade Marketing

Upgrade Marketing (or "Freemium") is a business model works by offering basic services for free, while charging a premium for advanced or special features.

Why? When the service is free, word spreads Freemium works because "you reduce the main stumbling blocks of product adoption… web-based users who don’t have to pay for it will often start evangelizing the benefits to others."* A small, but steady stream of cash flow will start flowing 100,00 free users convert to 3,000 paid users. They pay between $10 to $50 per user per month… That is $75K a month or $900K per year.

  • 1.Best Practices
  • It works even better with web native services
  • Require as little as possible in the initial customer acquisition process
  • Forced registration is a bad idea
  • Don’t require any downloads or plugins to start
  • Support every browser and OS with any material market share
  • Whatever the customer gets day one for free, they are always going to get for free
  • ake sure the customer implicitly understands why the paid service has to cost money
  • Quality Examples
  • Flickr – Online Photo Storage
  • LinkedIn – Career Building
  • Box.net – Online Storage
  • Last.fm – Online Radio
  • Trillian – Instant Messaging Client
  • Skype – VOIP Service