Blog Marketing india

Blog Marketing is a rapidly growing marketing technique which is gaining increasing acceptance among corporate houses. As Internet Marketing gains significance as a growing segment of marketing of any product or service, blog marketing serves as a useful channel of communication. The success of any product is largely dependent on the way its assets are communicated to the customer and also how sensitive the marketing corporate is to the feedback from the customer.

Marketing experts have long realized that testing a new product or idea with a small, select customer sample does not necessary predict or reveal the acceptability of the product. A good way to test a product or service is to discuss it on the corporate blog. Over 30% of internet users visit blog sites regularly and the number is growing. A blog thus increases the availability of the number of reviewers for the product to a staggering number. This is a perfect testing ground that enables one to tweak the service or product.

An internal blog for a corporate is an extremely useful channel of communication for the employees. It serves as an interactive pool where ideas for the benefit of the company, its employees and its products can be received from and reviewed by both, the employers and employees.

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