Banner and Text Advertisement

Online advertising industry in India is largely dominated by search engines and portals and in spite of the industry’s long tail, a large chunk of total revenues continues to go to the top 8-10 portal group sites. We at Va Web Creative, are committed to advocate and initiate changes to the status-quo, and results are upcoming.

SEO Trends, an Indian Online Media Network, is creating awareness to action from large companies to small Internet startups to bring Site Owners and Advertisers together. Successfully offer Ads tailored for many Indian market segments. SEO Trends Network receives millions of ad Impressions per month with a wide network of many reputed web publishers.

SEO Trends works with advertisers and publishers to improvise their performance by suggesting the suitable offers and programs based on the website content. A Top Search Marketing Company offering Online Contextual Advertisement Solutions to web publishers for delivering billions of text and graphics-based ad impressions. Provides best ad-serving solutions for advertisers by analysing and rating publishing sites based on subject, user traffic and audience to the minute details. This way, publishers can focus on inventory management solutions to leverage their content into better ad revenue, and advertisers get enhanced reporting & campaign management tools to constantly excel in their media campaigns. We cater these needs quite efficiently, effectively and economically.

SEO Trends provides a complete solution for Webmasters and Publishers to generate huge revenue from their websites by offering the best offers on the web and facilitates the publishers to keep track of their performance by providing online reporting.

With all the above details, we felt it good to joins hands with them. Join by logging on to the below mentioned link to become a affiliate member of SEO Trends network. No joining or setup fees. You can start a free account with them and start placing ads on your website or your ads on our network websites.

What is In-Text Advertising?

In-Text advertising inserts text link advertisements within the content of website, usually in the form of double-underline hyperlinks. Upon a hover of the mouse, a floating informational bubble opens with content from an advertiser. and If clicked, the visitor is directed to the advertiser’s landing page and you earn advertising revenue; otherwise, when the mouse is moved away from the hyperlink, the bubble disappears. Learn how to get started with Text Advertising Services through Text Link Advertising company.

Why You choose In-Text Advertising?

  • User triggered, less intrusive advertising that will not distract from your site’s content
  • Highly relevant In-Text ads for your Website visitors with record high conversion rates.
  • Quick and easy installation with no changes to your website.

Banner Advertising Services

Banner advertising is one of many marketing methods that companies can use to advertise their products or services online. Banner advertising Service is the foundation of many internet marketing campaigns and is still an effective internet marketing tool. Every section of it is measurable and targetable as search ads. It’s an excellent way to promote brand awareness, increase visitor traffic and generate sales. Banner advertising is one of the most cost effective ways of promoting your business online for advertisers, and for webmasters, a great way of monetizing their web site content.

Types of Banner Advertising :

We provide three types of Banner Advertising Services (India):

  • Standard animated or non animated Banner
  • Rich media Banner
  • Flash Banners